2023 Show Vendor/Sponsors Information
These vendors/sponsors may be at the show, please visit them and support them!

Ohio Taxidermy Supply

For nearly 30 years, the Eppley name has been held in high standards among the taxidermy industry for quality and award winning products. You may know founder Bryan Eppley, 14 time world show winning sculptor, as well as a former owner of Buckeye Mannikins. Now with his son, Rudy Eppley, they have started Ohio Taxidermy Supply. Offering the most anatomical accurate forms on the market, they hope their dedication and commitment brings you fair prices, with the quality every taxidermist desires. Continue striving to bring you the best quality available.

Matuska Taxidermy Supply

With a growing need for quality forms and supplies, the Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company began in 1997 and is a manufacturer and marketer of complete taxidermy solutions, dedicated to supplying today's taxidermists with the finest components, tools and chemicals available.

Wildlife Gallery

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