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June 9th meeting in a short version for those who couldn’t make it.

• We have heard some great compliments about our show that was put on last March!! But…… there was three issues that people brought up.
• The kids being in the smoky areas
• The show is not family friendly
• Taking the kids through the casino.

Positive changes made :

• Dakotah has talked to the management about having the kids in a smoke free area that they can stay and play games, color, and be entertained with baby sitters.
• There will be hotel vehicle in front of the hotel to shuttle you and your family around to the backside of the hotel to the entrance to the competition area.
• Working a room where we can gather for social time when the judging is going on.
• Pete Lajoy had to cancel as our white tail judge due to some medical reasons. The new white tail judge is Dean Ursetti.

• Some exciting new seminars that have never seen before!!!!!!
• Jimmy Lawrence’s fish eye setting techniques!!
• Lance Van Dusen’s different casting techniques!!!
• Michael P. Schlabauch’s special rock making techniques!!!!

• Information about a new venues was suppose to be presented at this meeting. Jeremy Lee brought the only venue information the board. The Marriott in Coralville said that they could beat or match what our present location would charge. Brian will contact them soon!!

• Roger and Shep will be the Judges for the Amateur Division again

• We will no longer have the award “Best of Category” It will be called “State Champion”!!!!!!!!!

• Remington will be checking out 2 back drops and 2 sets of lights so that we can have to separate sets. One set will have the pictures taken while the other is getting set up to have their picture next. This will really speed up the process!!

• Mike Stegmann and Dana Schultz will be working with the Wounded Warriors to offer the ITA’s services for their trophies that they have harvested!!!
• New Category!!! Turkey Category is all by itself!!

Special thanks to Brian for his very informative seminar on setting white deer. He showed different muscle movements for different expressions. Also Brian did this seminar on different whitetail forms which was very interesting to see the adjustments that had to be made to get the same expression that he had on the only form. Very Interesting!!!! Thanks Brian!!

Fall Meeting is Sunday Sept. 9th at 1630 Taylor Avenue in Marshalltown.

We will be working on repairing our peg boards, putting new sneakers on the trailer. Then we will go to Meskwaki to go over the Venue again to see how our new changes and where they will be located and what they look like.

Reminder that the Missouri Taxidermy Competition is the first weekend in August!! They put on a great show and you will have a great time at the Lake of the Ozarks!!!


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