Taxidermist's Code of Ethics

1-- will obtain and renew, as necessary, all applicable licenses for the types of taxidermy work in which I am engaged.

2-- will fully cooperate with State, Federal and Provincial wildlife officials and will abide by and advise my clients of all applicable conservation and game laws, statutes and regulations, and I will not condone their violation.

3-- will maintain a clean and orderly shop with modern equipment to provide professional service for my clients.

4--Rates for service will be clearly defined to clients before work is accepted. I will not misrepresent rates, services, nor otherwise mislead prospective clients through false or fictitious advertising. I will, at all times, conduct my operation and services in an ethical and business-like manner.

5--Barring unforeseen conditions, all work will be done in a professionally accepted manner and within the time period specified to the customer.

6-- will make every effort to fully acquaint my clients with the true Potential of their trophies to avoid Possible disappointments with the finished product.

7-- will refuse to alter or falsify trophy characteristics. I will replace broken Portions of a trophy only at the express direction of the client.

8-- will not accept, as work, any trophy or material that appears to be in violation of legal statutes or commonly defined rules of sportsmanship.

9-- will, at all times, provide for the safety and proper handling of specimens entrusted to me for trophy preparation and I will honestly advise clients of any conditions that might endanger their trophies or their quality.

10-- will instruct clients in proper care of their finished trophies to ensure lasting satisfaction. I will, also, offer instructions to clients on proper field care of game to ensure future trophy quality.

11-- will not cast or reproduce any form or part thereof except my own, sculpted by me or my employee(s), unless I have the specific permission to do so from the originator of the form.
Adopted by the Iowa Taxidermists Association from the National Taxidermists Association.
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