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Below is a letter from a representative from the MN Taxidermy Guild

Hi Everyone,

My name is Adam Zwick from the MN Taxidermy Guild. I'm writing this because I want to make you aware of a few very generously donated workshops to help out Jason Hatz's Family!

Jason was a member, former President, and former VP of the MTG. Sadly, he lost his battle with ALS on June 16th. He was a great guy who made friends with pretty much everyone he met. A couple friends he made in just a few short days was our past Judges Rick Krane and Pete Lajoie. Rick and Pete had the awesome idea to each donate one day workshops up for auction with the proceeds going to set up (UGMA) accounts for Jason and his wife Heather's four kids. Since hearing about the great idea a few others have also graciously donated their time/shops for some one day workshops. As of now these are the workshops up for auction:

Rick Krane - Fish, NH
Pete Lajoie - Whitetail/Gamehead, VT
Greg Cuvelier - Anything Species You Want, IA
Jim Willard - Whitetail/Gamehead, MN
Bill Neuman - Lifesize Mammal, at Jim Willards Shop in MN

If you have been close or thinking about taking some workshops to add to your skill level, this is the perfect time to get that knowledge and help out a great family at the same time. The link for the bidding is,401246.0.html It's under the Industry Section of Just post your bid and for what workshop you're bidding on. There is also a little backstory info from Rick and some details about the auction. If you have any questions or would like to bid but aren't on just give me a call.

A very huge THANK YOU to Rick and Pete for coming up with this and getting it started, and also the same to Greg, Jim, and Bill for donating the same, along with anyone else who wants to donate a class!!! If you would like to donate a workshop please give me a call and I'll get you added to the bidding page, thank you!!!

Adam Zwick

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