About the Iowa Taxidermy Association
The Iowa Taxidermists Association was organized in 1984 by a group of taxidermists interested in learning more through seminars and comp­etitions. Two months later, their first statewide competition and seminars were held. Through much hard work and dedication, the association has grown and its members have grown with it. Many ITA members enter competitions in other states as well as national and world competitions and win ribbons, honors, and special awards.

Meetings are held at various places around the state to enable everyone to attend at least some of them. Seminars and/or demon­strations on taxidermy are always included in these meetings. The annual show and competition held in the spring is the highlight of the year. Out-of-state entries were welcomed for the first time in 1986. These have become a vital part of the show—the competition as well as the friendships.

The purposes of the ITA as stated in the by-laws are to promote and advance the art of taxidermy and related fields. Particularly mentioned are to promote and advance high standards in the art of taxidermy and to strive to produce the same high quality work at all times. Also listed is fostering understanding in the general public about the field of taxidermy, to assist members of the ITA and the general public in understanding of Federal and State Fish and Game laws, and to assist in any way possible the conservation of our natural resources.

Taxidermy is truly an art form and requires the hours of work that go into a fine piece of sculpture or painting. It includes many steps to get a finished product and a vast amount of research and knowledge to create that finished mount. A true work of art.
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